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Название: Modes of rf capacitive discharge in low-pressure sulfur hexafluoride
Авторы: Lisovskiy, V.
Booth, Jean-Paul
Jolly, J.
Martins, S.
Landry, K.
Douai, D.
Cassagne, V.
Yegorenkov, V.
Ключевые слова: plasma physics
gas discharges
Issue Date: Nov-2007
Библиографическое описание: J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 40 (2007) 6989–6999
Серия/номер: ;doi:10.1088/0022-3727/40/22/020
Краткий осмотр (реферат): This paper presents the results of an experimental study of rf capacitive discharge in low-pressure SF6. The rf discharge in SF6 is shown to exist not only in weak-current (α-) and strong-current (γ -) modes but also in a dissociative δ-mode. This δ-mode is characterized by a high degree of SF6 dissociation, high plasma density, electron temperature and active discharge current, and it is intermediate between α- and γ -modes. The δ-mode appears due to a sharp increase in the dissociation rate of SF6 molecules via electron impact starting after a certain threshold value of rf voltage. At the same time the threshold ionization energy of SFx (x = 1–5) radicals formed is below the ionization potential of SF6 molecules. The double layer existing in the anode phase of the near-electrode sheath is shown to play an important role in sustaining the α- mode as well as the δ-mode but it is not a cause of the rf discharge transition from α- to δ-mode.
URI: http://dspace.univer.kharkov.ua/handle/123456789/1698
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