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Название: Творчість О. Копиленка і соцреалістична парадигма 1920–1950 х років
Другие названия: Alexander Kopylenko’s creative work and the socialist realism paradigm of 1920–1950’s.
Авторы: Коломієць, Ірина Анатоліївна
Ключевые слова: соціалістичний реалізм
виробничий роман
роман виховання
художній час
художній простір
Дата публикации: 5-Апр-2016
Издатель: Харківський національний університет імені В.Н.Каразіна
Библиографическое описание: Дисертація на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата філологічних наук за спеціальністю 10.01.01 — українська література
Реферат: Коломієць І. А. Творчість О. Копиленка і соцреалістична парадигма 1920–1950 х років. – На правах рукопису. Дисертація на здобуття наукового ступеня кандидата філологічних наук за спеціальністю 10.01.01 – українська література. – Харківський національний університет імені В. Н. Каразіна Міністерства освіти і науки України, Харків, 2016. У дисертації здійснено комплексний аналіз проблемно-тематичної та естетико стильової своєрідності прози О. Копиленка, визначено її зв’язок із суспільно-політичними та мистецькими процесами першої половини XX століття. З’ясовано сутність поняття «соцреалістична парадигма» та особливості її виявлення в українському літературному процесі 1920–1950-х років на матеріалі творчості письменника, а зокрема, виявлено характерні риси українського соцреалізму: антиурбанізм та нівеляція побутових деталей. Проаналізовано проблемно-тематичну структуру, комплекс провідних образів та систему персонажів оповідань і романів О. Копиленка, охарактеризовано стрижневі риси часопросторової організації його творів, що дозволило розкрити специфіку творчої динаміки автора. Висвітлено жанрові особливості прози письменника, пов’язані з художньою реалізацією виробничого роману та роману виховання, на ґрунті чого окреслено питання про «саморедагування» автора. Визначено місце творчості О. Копиленка в українському літературному процесі 1920–1950-х років.
Описание: I. A. Kolomiiets Alexander Kopylenko’s creative work and the socialist realism paradigm of 1920–1950’s. The thesis for the degree of Candidate of Philological Studies, speciality 10.01.01 – Ukrainian literature. – V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kharkiv, 2016. The thesis deals with complex analysis of the ideological and aesthetic features of A. Kopylenko’s prose according to the dynamics of his creations in the frames of socialist realism paradigm of 1920–1950’s, taking into account their relationship with main social, political and art processes of the first part of 20th century. In order to analyze the specific of socialist realism paradigm of 1920–1950’s and uniqueness of Ukrainian socialist realism version there was A. Kopylenko’s problem-thematic and stylistic aspects of creativity as the ostensive exemplification of artist’s creative life in the Soviet totalitarian circs investigated. A. Kopylenko started his literary activity in 1920s. The writer was appeared as observant beholder sharp social contradictions of surround. Based upon the analysis of 1920s creations were found a partial link of writer’s early prose with Ukrainian modernism (impressionistic, urban trends) and neorealism. A. Kopylenko’s early writings have features of socialist realism paradigm notwithstanding socialist realism was adopted as the main official literary method only in 1934 («the aesthetic of a labor» category). In 1930’s A. Kopylenko had to choose ideologically «correct» way. Creative style of the artist has undergone transformations: fact is that this change was gradually and bound – evidence of this was his tendency to later redaction of own writings. In the novel «The City is Rising» A. Kopylenko concerned the topic of labor, industry and role of man in the manufacturing process of the 1930s on the material his own observations of the construction Kharkov tractor plant during the «first five-year plan». An attempt to compare the plot-composite foundation of text with a standard scheme for soviet «manufacture» novel was made. A. Kopylenko elucidated not just the manufacturing process but also its background – human characters and relationships. The writer pays special attention to the problems of emancipation, «new morality», obtaining success in life and so on. Work in the genre of «manufacture» novel became a peculiar of creative salvation for A. Kopylenko during the emergence and mass implementation of the socialist realism’ mechanisms in the artistic process, and while it was a writer's experiment on the background of the rejection from neorealism’ trends. The dilogy «Very good» and «Tenth» is an example of Bildungsroman. This genre was actual in soviet society because the state power through the means of art needed to create a heroic image of the «builder of new life». There is a tendency for separation characters on «positive» and «negative». The problem of the transition to a new educational system A. Kopylenko embodies in the relationship between pioneer’s asset and children who do not accept the new system. The motif of «remaking» was the central feature in Bildungsroman. In the novels «Very good» and «Tenth» negative characters of teachers gradually dismissed, they do not even get the possibility of «remaking». Collective thinking of the characters dominates over the private sphere: Soviet heroes associated to the «daughters» and «sons» of the state leaders with images of «fathers». In the first version of the dilogy personal problems such as emancipation, parental divorce, the relationship between man and woman were more profoundly comprehended. The writer depicted the features of Ukrainian educational process in 1930’s taking account the pedology phenomenon. In 1930–1950s in subject and poetics system of A. Kopylenko’s prose became dominant ideological component of socialist realism. In the novel «Lieutenants» author’s attention shifts to realities of postwar Ukrainian village. Central conflict based on the opposition of «positive» and «negative» characters. The image of Danylo constructed according to propaganda clichés of the Soviet soldier-winner who sincerely believes that the victory over Nazism gained exclusively through the Communist Party and Stalin. This is an aspect of totalitarian mythology – the substitution of powerful image of God for image «fair» father of nations’ leader. Nevertheless writer revealed the specter of private problems of choice, self-fulfillment, rehabilitation of war victims, love, faith, friendship and favor. In the novel «Earth is large» A. Kopylenko concerned the theme of the Soviet school and life of village intellectuals and the theme of professional formation of person. A structure of novel based on socialist realism mythology and correlated with the model of fairy tale: there were utopianism of plot, indoctrination characters, difficult challenges and heroic achievement of valorous character due to her communist «trustiness» comprehended. In the novels «Earth is large» and «Lieutenants» the chronotope of path and meeting are noticed: panoramic depiction permitted modeling the consistent image of idealized felicitous «kolgosp» life. So, the investigation of A. Kopylenko’s prose allows to determined that the key tendencies of socialist realism in conjunction with neorealism features remain in his writings. Ukrainian literature within socialist realism paradigm of 1920–1950’s is characterized by two main specialties: the spread of «kolgosp» prose, movement to rustics or anti-urbanism and the leveling of mode of life details – a rejection from the detailed images of the everyday things. Keywords: socialist realism, neorealism, «manufacture» novel, Bildungsroman, mythologization, artistic time, artistic space.
URI: http://dspace.univer.kharkov.ua/handle/123456789/13484
ISSN: УДК 821.161.2-31 Копиленко.09
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